The Proposed Neptune Development for New Brighton - Questionnaire

New Brighton Community Partnership was formed 7 years ago to provide community representation for the New Wallasey Regeneration initiative and to work for the New Brighton community.

During that time we have provided a monthly forum for representatives of community groups and have done our best to keep the New Brighton community informed through our quarterly newsletter - the Walrus - 7,000 are delivered by about 100 volunteers to nearly every home in New Brighton.

Our aim is to keep the community informed and to give them a chance to speak out about issues that concern them - among other things..

When the Neptune plans were first made public two years ago we put out 7,000 Questionnaires giving the community all the information that was then available about the development and asking them what they thought.

The response was one of support for the proposals.

Now that Neptune have published their Final Masterplan we have again put a Questionnaire through every letterbox in New Brighton giving the information that was available to us, urging people to find out as much as they can about this £70 million proposal for New Brighton and then to tell us what they think.

Sadly, there are some people who think that this is biased.

Even more sadly there are some people who think that all that is going to happen in New Brighton is that Marine Lake is going to be filled In and a Supermarket is going to be built there.

If the majority of the New Brighton community were to tell the Partnership that they did not want this proposal then that would be the information that we would be taking to Neptune Developments and Wirral Borough Council.

Of the 7,000 Questionnaires that we put out only 487 - just less than 7% have been returned. This is disappointing but we will be taking the following result to Neptune and the Council.

First of all and most important - are you in favour of some kind of development for New Brighton?


The main change in the Final Plan concerns the Marine Lake. Neptune propose to fill in the Lake and create a new Lake on the site of the old New Brighton Swimming Pool.

What do you think of this change in the plan?

Please circle your preference. Where 1 means you are "very unhappy" and 5 means you are "very happy".

unhappy12 neutral34 5happy

How do you feel about the whole scheme?

Please circle your preference. Where 1 means you are "very unhappy" and 5 means you are "very happy".

unhappy12 neutral34 5happy

Comments made by the first 100 who replied are on the Neptune Comments page. The results will be updated as more comments are received, so please send them back soon.