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Newsletter Autumn 2003

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will take place on Saturday 1st November at 11am at Vale House. Please try to attend. We will try to keep the business brief and you will be entitled to a cup of tea or coffee at Vale House Café, courtesy of the Trust, after the meeting.







Many thanks to those of you who have spent time with us "tidying up" the Gorse on the first Sunday of the month. We've not had to work too hard and the Gorse has looked good all year. We owe Keith a vote of thanks for keeping the grass cut. We'll need to think about buying our own mower next year.

Keith asks if we can change the plan of the Gorse a little to make this job easier. You'll have noticed that the paths are not holding up well. We wonder if anyone would mind if the to paths that bisect the grass were "grassed" thus solving two problems at once. Come along and tell us what you think.


All Memberships are due for renewal on 1st October annually. At present we have 50 paid up members which is not really a lot to pay for the Insurance and any other expenses the Gorse may incur. We need to encourage more people to get involved. If each member tried to enroll one more person it would make a big difference.





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Annual Membership renewable on the 1st October annually.
Fees :-   Group£6.00
Concessions (Single)£2.00
Concessions (Couple)£3.00

Fees include postage.

Cheques payable to: The Gorse Millennium Green Trust

Please Return to:
Miss Rusty Keane
92 Vaughan Road
CH45 1LP

Annual Report 2001 - 2002

The Annual General meeting was held at the Hotel Victoria in October. The Accounts were accepted and Mark was in attendance to discuss the possibilities of a Phase 2 development of the back of the Gorse to address security problems. There was an animated discussion and it was decided to hold further meetings to discuss this before any decisions were taken. Mark would draw up some proposals to be circulated to all members before the next meeting to discuss the way forward.

We had 38 paid members. Obviously we need to encourage more this year as membership fees help to pay the running costs. We also need to have at least one fund raising event - perhaps an Attic Sale on the Gorse?

The Trustees have met most months and there have been 2 public meetings.

Plans were drawn up and 2 meetings took place to decide which one was acceptable. In the event the problems did not materialise this year and, apart from a temporary fence being put across between 5 Hamilton Road and Sandringham Drive to discourage entry to the Gorse from that area, it has been decided that there is no real need to proceed with Phase 2.

The rubbish problem has been addressed and Groundwork Wirral "found" some funds to pay for it.

It has been decided that we should have a monthly meeting for members on the Gorse - on the first Sunday of each month from 11 to 12.30 - to do some tidying up and to involve members in the maintenance. Groundwork's involvement ends in March 2003 and then it will be up to us!!

The Gorse has looked good during the year - the daffodils in particular were very pleasing. The back area has grown well, recovering from the rubbish removal and becoming once more the natural habitat that was our original plan. I'm told that the foxes have returned although I haven't seen them myself.