Extracts from Proposed Council Budget

In setting this budget, we have been mindful of the real difficulties experienced by pensioners living on a fixed income and that we have therefore set a figure for the increase in Wirral's council tax at 1.27%, and it be noted that, even with the addition of the Fire and Police precepts, the increase in the total council tax bill is still likely to be substantially below inflation.

Community Safety and Health Improvement:

Additional Neighbour Nuisance Officer - That in order to reduce the incidence of neighbour nuisance in the private housing sector, the sum of 30,000 be allocated for the appointment of an additional Neighbour Nuisance Officer to work in the private housing sector.


Monitoring and Surveillance equipment - That the sum of 60,000 be allocated for the purchase of surveillance and monitoring equipment to assist in the continuing battle against crime and anti-social behaviour.


More Alley-gates - That in order to reduce the incidence of domestic burglary, the sum of 100,000 which was allocated in 2003/04 to gating alleyways between houses be continued for the year 2004/05


Ten Community Support Officers - That the sum of 100,000, used within the 2003/04 budget for one year only to purchase additional policing resources, be continued in the base estimate and used as match funding to draw down resources to deploy a minimum of ten Community Support Officers, with particular emphasis on areas suffering from youths causing nuisance and annoyance.