JUNE 2nd 2004
Claremount Methodist Church Hall
Sandy Lane
Guest Speaker Moyra Davies

Those people who have been privileged to hear Moyra on previous occasions will know that she is a first class and entertaining speaker.

The talk is about the work of the team who produce The Talking Newspaper for the Blind & Partially-sighted. Volunteers create the newspaper on disc, which is posted to listeners throughout Wirral every week. The compilation of the material, its production and postage within the weekly deadline is the fruit of magnificent teamwork and organisation.

Non-members are welcome to attend the meeting. There will also be an opportunity for people to discuss items of topical interest with the Chairman. Tea & biscuits will be available.

Wallasey Civic Society Newsletter

Dates of Members Meetings for 2004

All will take place at Claremount Methodist Church Hall in Sandy Lane

Local Civic News

Mr Dave Green, the Director of Highway & Engineering Services for the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, gave a fascinating presentation at the members meeting on September 30th. He spoke about the Council's plan for major reorganisation called Streetscene.

Parks and Open Spaces

Following an audit by the Government Audit Commission, Wirral Borough Council is pledged to the following objectives:

Coffee Morning

This event at the home of Vickie and Rick Hall on 30th August was a great success. It was held on a lovely sunny morning in their delightful garden and we made over £300. Our grateful thanks must go to them for all their hard work and everyone who attended.

~~~~~~~~~~THE SEAS THAT SURROUND US~~~~~~~~~~

Flooding. It is predicted that temperatures will increase by 1%-3% before 2010; that winter rainfall will increase by 6%-14% by 2050; that summer rains will decrease by 1%-10%; winters will be warmer and the sea levels will rise. As a result of the more intensive rainfall incidents of flooding will rise. Rivers like the Dee, the Ribble, the Weaver and the Mersey will all be affected and flooding will happen in places that have never experienced such occurrences. The Environment Agency proposes a raft of preventative measures - too detailed to list here. Anyone who is interested please contact Moira on 638 1478 and she will lend you the reading matter.

How clean are the seas in the North West? The Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (formally based in Bidston Observatory) takes tens of thousands of data readings every day. The good news is that our seas are cleaner. Incidentally the remit of the laboratory has always been to help the public as well as institutions. If anyone wants to find out the state of the seas for sailing purposes two months ahead, it can be supplied.

North West Seaside Resorts. Our beaches are now 82% satisfactory. Low-grade sewage contamination as well as oil and chemical pollutants are measured. Eight North West beaches have gained Yellow Flag status but none have gained the Blue Flag mark yet. To gain a Yellow Flag beaches must pass water quality tests, prohibit dogs, have bins every 25 metres, life belts to hand and public phones within 5 minutes walk.


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