East Wallasey Area Forum

Each area forum is different and will grow and change in response to local priorities, needs and issues, but they all have the same aims:

The Area Forums have been meeting regularly since the pilot scheme of East Wallasey started in October 2001.

Membership of the area forums

It was agreed that members of the forum should be representative of the people in the area. They should commit to meeting the needs of the area and best placed to deliver the aims of the area forum. All the forums have full membership, which include Councillors, community representatives, Health, Police, a Chief officer and an area co-ordinator.


A policy option in 2001/02 identified a sum of £5,000 from the Council's Community Initiatives Fund (held in Planning and Economic Development Department Budget) to be administered by each of the area forums in order to support small scale local projects which addressed local needs. This was increased to £10,000 per area forum in 2002/2003 and £15,000 per forum in 2003/2004.

The Community initiatives fund is advertised in the local press, copies of the advert are sent out to all members of the Forum and all information points. All area forums have community initiatives funding panel, which consist of Councillors and Community representatives although the East Wallasey one consists of just community representatives. The panel looks at all applications that have been received and puts forward its recommendations, a report then goes to cabinet for approval.


The main task for each of the area forum is to develop a local area action plan, which reflects the needs and priorities of the area. The area plan will then form one of the key drivers in the development of Wirral's Community Strategy, which is a plan to improve the quality of life for Wirral as a whole. The main purpose of the local area plan will be to:

The area forum is being encouraged to adopt a consistent approach to the development of its area plan, which while still recognising the uniqueness of the area, ensuring that the it can clearly begin to inform the wider Community Strategy.

The next meeting of East Wallasey Area Forum is on Thursday 12th February 2003 at 7.00 pm, Committee Room 1, Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey.

If you have any points that you wish to raise please contact Tracey Smith on 691 8026